kjerringen og rÚsÍ sÆng
Curated by Birta Gudjonsdottir

Steingrimur Eyfjörd
Steingrimur Eyfjörd exhibits new works made in his studio in Dale in Sunnfjord, Norway, where he has resided with his family the past two years. As an Icelandic resident in Norway, his identity as such has become a red thread through his most recent works, an ensemble of various works titled „Kellingin”(kjerringa/the old hag). Along with drawings, sculptures and instructional works, revealing his processing and somewhat criticism of Icelandic and Norwegian society and culture, he presents a 2.000 pages bookwork-diary spanning the time from when he moved to Norway until now, a part of his vast, ongoing collection of browse-through texts & images, based on his dreams and recollections, and interviews with elderly Icelanders.

Helgi Thorsson
Helgi Thorsson exhibits new works made in his studio in Reykjavik and at Tidens Krav, specifically for this exhibition. His installations are composed of oil paintings on wood and found material and sculptures made from paper-maché, plaster, and found material from flee-markets. His color palette relates to the 1970s and many of his motives as well, with references to music and TV culture of the time. Many of his works relate to an excessive drinking- and party culture often related to the image of Iceland.

Birta Gudjonsdottir
Birta Gudjonsdottir is a curator and artist based in Berlin and Reykjavik. She recently left her position as director of The Living Art Museum in Reykjavik, to further pursue her independent projects as a curator. Birta has independently curated shows in Copenhagen, Kaunas, Oslo, Melbourne, New York, St. Petersburg and most major art museums and art spaces in Iceland. Since 2002 she has been running the Dwarf Gallery, a gallery located in her home in Reykjavik, Iceland.