Tidens Krav's speculative commercial system, popularly known as The Newest Standard, was set up, to be up, for one year. The result of that year is as follows:

All artists got a 117 % cash-back on their speculations.

An artist about to enjoy his 117 % cash-back.

The Newest Standard
Tidens Krav goes commercial and suggests a new mode of trading, loathing, exploiting, and speculating, to be popularly known as: The Newest Standard. Not only does The Newest Standard provide a new way of thrusting art into circulation, it provides a way of intertwining art with the likers of art – it provides a way for the art community to fold back on, and into itself, creating a void wherein the value of art, and the role of its market, is rephrased to serve as our asset, as much as it serves as their asset – it provides a way for a joint communal revolt to coup art as commodity, hence, voiding speculative foreign fingers and alien systems of disbelief – it provides a way of assuring that art can be as nonsensical as it could be nonfunctional – but most of all – The Newest Standard provides the way of suppressing the praising of self-replicating anemic art practices, while supporting the quirkiest kinds of artistic maneuvers.

How does The Newest Standard work?
Whenever an artwork is sold at Tidens Krav the money is split equally between the exhibiting artist and Tidens Krav. Tidens Krav's share is spent solely on rent. The remaining profit, after the rent has been paid, is re-routed back to the buyers – but – only artists who buy art can claim their fair share of the remaining profit. This means that any profit made from non-artists buying art will be shared amongst artists buying art. All the profit, from now and until the summer of 2014, will be shared amongst all the artists who buys art at Tidens Krav. The size of each artist's share is calculated in direct relation to the size of the amount spent on art in the first place.

The Newest Standard has potential implications that might far surpass its intention of increasing the flow of art, while collectively recouping any self-appointed art-authority's means of definition. The potential for speculation is imminent, but it is welcomed and it is encouraged, as it grants artists the opportunity of speculating in the art speculators' speculation.

Any purchase is praised and saluted, and considered an unconditional love declaration, not only to the artwork at hand, but to its artist, to its art community, and to its future.

Note: As we do not rely on any foreign systems of definition, whether or not you are an artist, must be assessed, discussed and decided on site.